Active Chair KIDS – Mushroom


You are about to invest in your child’s health.

Make it happen by adding this item to your basket and be one of the first parents who is aware of benefits of active sitting and get your children’s Active Chair right to your doorstep.

Available sizes:
S – 40x40x21cm (child height 80-95cm)
M – 40x40x26cm (child height 95-110cm)
L – 40x40x31cm (child height 110-125cm)

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The Mushroom is your child’s best friend.

Mushroom is the first model under the Active Chair brand, made for 1-7 year-old children. By using it, your child will get used to sitting with correct posture and active sitting will stay in their subconscious for the future.

Mushroom is designed as a cheeky mushroom, which will add extra contrast to your child’s room and your life. It’s made of top-quality materials, such as rigid durable steel/wooden body, teasing turf, soft foamy seat and washable covers.
> It needs no setting up or adjusting, just picking the right size, just as you do when you shop for clothes.
> It needs no manuals, it comes in 3 main parts, so you can put it together in seconds.
> It needs no warnings, your child can only sit on it in a proper posture.
> It needs no extra maintenance, you can wash removable covers anytime.

The only thing that it needs is you, who takes care of your kid’s well being and is aware of benefits of active sitting on a healthy lifestyle.

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